Is anyone else seriously concerned how much damage is being done to great UK businesses such as hashtagUnilever through hashtagpoliticalcorrectness? Political correctness is well proven to create confused children and wet adults, when what we need is people with the integrity to address the issues. Leena let me challenge you, there is no need for offence to be taken (regardless if you are male of female, if you have children) when asked about life work balance? The psychology of your response below is deeply flawed, you are adding meaning where there is none, perfect negative generalisation. in so doing creating a distortion. These negative generalisations distract attention from what matters such as encouraging real diversity by allowing people to speak up and to the contrary to your intention are creating a tyranny of tolerance that limits getting to the truths to keep Unilever on track. These general responses show to the contrary of the good intent show an inability to cope. You can see how this creates a popularist response because these flawed generals are far more comfortable to process rather than addressing the issues. China will be sitting on the sidelines smirking, because this is a real threat to our national competitiveness, by discouraging the best people. cheers Tom