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Project Description

This business was successful, very profitable, yet had become complacent, full of customer service issues and inward looking. Tom reorganised the team, as “The Supply Unit” to include manufacturing, logistics, procurement engineering, customer support and training created a team and end-end view of the customer experience, using a pragmatic application of six sigma, and leading-edge tools from Cranfield created the platform for improvement. Part of this program was to redefine the supply chain and restructure roles, the organisation and support requirements, and remove unnecessary overtime and other project expenditure, to create a leaner focus on profit and the customer, and embed these practices. This was cascaded to the supply base and having identified the key vendors, led to an x business collaborative supplier development program.

Impact on the business/bottom line

The flawed thinking that the business was best in class stalled improvement. Within 2 months the direct cost base was reduced by 30%, saving £600,000 cash through spend avoidance in 6 months. Customer complaints and service issues were actioned and closed daily, and capacity increased 30% from the 30% reduced cost base. Supply chain improvements 4500 product variants could be made just in time. Within 9 months, the business won Management Today / CBI best factory Award. The business strategy was embedded at all levels in the organisation using a balanced scorecard and supporting reward and recognition that led to 60 team implemented improvements per month. The collaborative supplier development program saved 25% without compromising vendor profitability. Make vs. buy program led non-core products outsourced to Near and the Far East, saving 70% unit costs, leaving a world-class competitive UK plant. 90-99% OTIF.

Overall contribution/achievement of objectives

The business was turned from a complacent organisation to an agile organisation that was customer focused and much leaner and a much stronger platform on which to grow

Working style

Hands-on, unafraid of making and seeing through changes with a focus people and team development and leaving a lasting legacy

Leadership/people management skills

Strong leadership and direction with a people development and high-performance focus.

Any other comments about the manager

Delivered a robust succession plan to take the business to the next stage, which led to another award for excellence 3 years later

Trend supply journey 1990-2003 getting to great and how we achieved operations excellence

Cranfield School of Management Report – DTI Award

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