“Effective engagement and building value in turnaround and distressed scenarios”

Course content:

Fundamentals of Human behaviours during change

Responsibility and ego / Discomfort of change, changing habits – the pitfalls of failed legacies / How the unconscious mind controls our lives and creates automatic behaviours/thinking patterns / How irrational judgments and beliefs made in childhood can drive adult behaviours / How distorted thinking spreads negative beliefs that undermine us /

How to identify and change negative drivers / Belief Tools and Positive Opposite techniques / Understanding stress, its origins and signals and how to change / Background to Visualisation and Positive performance tools / Resistance and intransigence: tackling negative behavior / Personality differences / Being wrong

Engagement – Hitting the ground running

Rapport / Matching / Chemistry / Radical listening / Acuity / The relationship format / Unconditional Positive Regard / Sensory acuity / Rapport and matching / Responsibility / Dialogue / Questioning / Ask not tell / The power of Silence in good communication / Outcomes / Confidentiality / Boundaries / Fees and administration

Executive- Client Rapport. And when it won’t work

The power of matching body / Speech patterns, voice and words / Personality Assessment Form – key behaviour patterns of those you deal with / Personality types: an overview / Relationship breakdown between people and within teams / Technical advice and accelerated technical team leadership and training tools / When it won’t work / Values and hotspots / Values and patterns

Change tools improving attitudes, behaviours, performance, relationships etc

Qn – organise for team or individual development / Wheel of Life / GROW / Visualisation / Perceptual Positioning for relationship improvement / Personal Values and personal/client hot spots / Anchoring for confidence building and public speaking / Stress change identification and tools / Beliefs / Liberating the mavericks / the Disney principle / Twin concept and team meetings

The Turnaround Executives secret weapon

Bypassing the conscious mind to deal with the automated Unconscious mind / The Unconscious mind’s role in automating rapid response to life events / How the Unconscious can distort evidence to support false beliefs / Bypassing the conscious mind and tapping directly into the Unconscious mind / Challenging negative thinking/ behavior patterns and creating positive mind states / How to used hypnotic language to improve motivation, self belief and performance

The content is adjusted to suit the audience