A public sector perspective on resourcing change:

– Recruitment = contract or at best gap / project management
– “Outsourcing savings” – they will move the problem a-b and increase end-end cost.

The key messages advocate the delivery of these changes in a different way – using interim management might be;

– resourcefulness – more from less
– retention of key skills – make better use of scarce resource
– upskilling of management / scarce resource / team accountability / development etc
– better service at reduced cost but unlikely outsourcing.

The odd aspect to this is following the dramatic cost increases / marginal service improvement of the last labour government and their advisors, the same advisors are now advising outsourcing, rather self fulfilling one might say?

Need drives and the country by most insolvency tests (even following the government having changed the rules!)is technically bust – so grass is green.

Its not a straightforward sale – more akin to the challenges engagement with a client faced with a turnaround, but fortunately for them its our money not theirs! so self preservation rules ok, and thats the space to irrationally revert back to what you know for the sake of achieving ceratinty – we humans are flawed creatures..