Businesses are now faced with all kinds of emerging scenarios for example:

A map showing Global Growth – or “where the money is being created”


File:GDP real growth rate CIA Factbook.PNG

The impact of falling revenues on business in mature economies  due to regional uncertainty


Trade imbalances highlighting the need to export and trade with emerging economies


Whilst wholesale markets are tight; there are ways to fund strong business plans


You might have the right team..



to get to the right course action – businesses need a catalyst to get over the line..

In what form do these challenges materialise?


Business Turnaround, Realignment or Growth?

The scenario can be a realignment, where the focus is to adjust thinking without a fundamental need to change the business model or a turnaround or restart – where the business needs a combination of both. Icebreaker Executive know the pitfalls, how to recognise the scenario and differences, and how to adjust the approach to suit both. The common link between the work we do is delivering substantial value to the Balance sheet.

Icebreaker Executive find even stable businesses have substantial threats to acknowledge in the mix alongside realignment of supporting aspects so the deep knowledge of both turnaround and realignment is critical to any projects success.

Creating the “Business Shining Star”

We work with executives and owners to turn the business into a star. public listed PE performanceMaking the business more attractive to investors and making a bigger return for the shareholders through the sales process. In a flat market the challenge is making the business attractive which goes a lot further than an agent dressing the business up in a prospectus. Investors want a shining star to buy the business at the best price and add value with very little effort.

Nice profitable, steady businesses are fine, but in a tough market it is the stars that deliver and realise value.

What makes a profitable business into a star? Realising profitable GROWTH!