Andrew – here is my community spirited specific contribution – here are some links to the International Interim Management 2009 conference presentations I was referring to. This conference was run by the venerable Ian Daniell, and has not been rerun since.

Research into Interim Management

Jaap Schnevelin 2009 Nyenrode
Lily v d Broek 2009
Martin Dorchester 2009
Tom Pickering; 2 award winning case studies – a model and what was learnt?

I agree Anton is a good chap; and did some good research into what enables interims to engage in such a short space of time. On a self gratifying note – This is a subject close to my heart too – icebreaker run a program to take these engagement / emotional intelligence skills to the next stage, and about 25 tier 1 interims including a former president of the TMA have now attended. It is based upon the adaptation of an MSc in Executive coaching I developed with my friend John Webster. The event content is difficult to communicate but this is a video overview in an attempt to do so. we shall be rerunning this again at Ashridge in September as it always seems to receive a rave review, and Webster is very impressive

This is a summary of the conference I wrote on behalf of the IIM – I was on the board of the IIM at the time.

I am sure they would not mind me passing you their details to talk to.

PS. Ian and Martin Dorchester are far cleverer than most of us – as they both have Phds in interim management 🙂