The importance of challenging thinking

This quote seems far more relevant now than at any time in recent business history;

“You cannot solve the problem with the same type of thinking that created the problem”

– Albert Einstein

Traditional executive resourcing is challenged

Resourcing candidates from within the sectors is embedding blind spots into sectors endorsing more of the same. The classic solo resourcing solution can quickly become proprietary, support rather than challenge the norm and be too inflexible to meet the businesses requirements.

We leverage our breadth of skills to ensure that the broader aspects are considered, assess whether the team is capable of implementing what is required, and identify what gaps are to be filled.

“Your approach harks back to a period of genuine competence” … “I despair at the claims of ‘thousands of interims’ on most interim management firms’ registers. …. “There are, I would have thought, at the very most 500 senior executives worthy of the term in the UK, so one wonders at the calibre of the firms who cannot recognise this” Peter Brown investor and seasoned Turnaround CEO


The icebreaker approach is leveraging our full teams’ resource to identify the right solution first time within days not weeks, and get to action quickly. It is this speed to get to a point of certainty and myopic eye on the outcome and oversight of our approach that makes icebreaker unique: forming the right plan, and executing that plan.