The underlying retail business threat – inflated property values and ongoing soft demand seems to be coming to the fore. Ian Woodley this might be the trigger to cause the overdue property price crash, that a lot of inflated value real estate? Nick Beighton do you think demand is under threat because a lot of people are buying things they don’t need or even want in a few months? I think in addition I think we are not picking up the tab on the cost to the environment – i.e. the sustainability of the impact on the environment through people buying stuff they don’t need, and the cost of uncharged for resource such as water et al. The psychology problem in my view here is the business e.g. hashtagASOS and consumer obsession MORE. The problem is when you don’t appreciate what you have – more don’t work – its a fast cartwheel to retail hell? The answer is to appreciate what you have – soft demand – interesting times? China’s profitless growth digital models are around the corner, so not a time to sit on ones hands 🙂 cheers Tom