Is board level personal scheming a viable strategy now? Board members – do you put your personal survival before what’s best for the company? At 28 I was a board member at an automotive manufacturing company and realised the CEO was an expert at creating schemes to cover his shortfalls. His lovely PA used to say that I was the only board member that challenged him. At the time I did not quite know how to make sense of this and 22 years later i am still learning! Many CEOs we work with spend lot of their time devising supporting personal survival schemes because that is all they know.  The difficulty with this is that it squanders profits.  Have you got the courage to consider alternative strategies?  Board level schemes won’t survive the present challenges and cost a business failure / squandered profit at best? Is leadership ability proportional to integrity? is a shortcut to highlights and addresses these issues without shaming anyone #leadership #businesstransformation