icebreaker use their network of Self-Certified Sophisticated Investors and Self-Certified High Net Worth Individuals, as well as certified corporate finance partners (as defined under the FSMA) and Venture Capital to fund acquisitions.

Due Diligence

All potential investments will be subject to due diligence which will normally be chargeable to the client and fees to budget will be confirmed up front. This fee may be waived wholly or partially if the acquisition goes ahead, otherwise whilst it will be based upon icebreaker executing the plan, the process should provide a very useful foundation or plan for the business owner to execute themselves as they see fit. For us the due diligence fee confirms the business owner is committed  moving forwards and that’s essential to match the fit and commitment from our side too.

FSA regulatory aspects

We will work alongside professionals that have the right regulatory credentials and licenses to support any program of work. We expect customers to take their own investment or other regulatory or licensed advice.

Please note: icebreaker are excluded from FSA regulations as the nature of our engagements fall into these excluded categories;

PERG 2.9.12 01/11/2007 ( quoted from the FSA handbook)

The exclusions apply in relation to transactions to buy or sell shares in a body corporate where, in broad terms:

(1) the transaction involves the acquisition or disposal of a least 50 per cent of the voting shares in the body corporate and is, or is to be, between certain specified kinds of person; or

(2) the object of the transaction may otherwise reasonably be regarded as being the acquisition of day-to-day control of the affairs of the body corporate.