What will avoid more Fresco refurbishments like this during this recession?

It’s a tough call deciding where to invest when the top priority is to preserve cash and cut back, BUT the fall out of not investing in your business capability in a declining market is very costly on productivity, agility, motivation and building value. These are the very times when you need a very capable and effective team the most.

This well publicized and well intentioned Fresco refurbishment is the typical outcome of well intentioned employee / business trying to carry out specialist work without the resources to do so. In a tight market professional services are operating just like this; operating like pass the parcel completing the work wherever it lands; destroying value!

The challenge for executives and professionals; recognizing and averting the crisis

The failure to engage early in a crisis is cited as the root cause of many attempts to avert company failure. This real case study headed for terminal failure by the client; click to link. What would be your plan to reverse this MDs disastrous course of action? This deadlock was reversed in 10 minutes by one of the icebreaker team, following a hopeless series of wrongly focused attempts to engage to resolve the matter.

What are you doing to improve your skills to develop your team through this period?

As this opportunity is as much about management development as crisis or turnaround and the deadline is next Wednesday 5th September, as a key player I would like to invite you to join us at this intense 2 day event to share this expert knowledge to support you in achieving this level of effectiveness. You can click here to book via the TMA website. If you would prefer to book separately to the TMA offer give me a call. If we don’t make the 12 participants we will postpone the event and hoard these skills for ourselves, and leave the painting restoration to others! If there are not enough places we will happily reserve you a place at the next event.

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Call for more details 0207 193 5518, office@icebreakerexecutive.com

Picture is Ecce Homo by Elías García Martínez showing damage caused by an Cecilia Giménez, 81 who decided to restore the masterpiece.