Regardless of industry or discipline, client expectations of an interim manager on assignment are extremely high.

It is therefore essential to integrate rapidly into the client organisation, develop instant rapport and get to grips with the business and the issues very quickly. Our targeted 10-20 x ROI the return on investment will not be achieved by continuing to do what’s already being done; the client has to see the need to change too.

Interims achieve these levels of speed and improvement through trial and error, education, significant experience, commitment, integrity, very high levels of self awareness and a strong complementary interpersonal skill set.

Leading edge functional skills are taken as read; differentiation therefore comes through interpersonal skills and therefore their ability to transform intransigent business cultures successfully.

How does an interim do this? A lot of it is down to breadth of experience and the enjoyment of a significant challenge, as well as the ability to digest and process vast quantities of data, test and continually hone a hypothesis so that it is about 85% accurate to support the agreed client plan within a couple of days, and 95% accurate and complete by the end of the second week.

The ease with which this process takes place is essential to success as, not only is the team getting used to working with the interim, but the interim is also adjusting to the strengths of the client team work, the way it works and the business culture.

Icebreaker Executive Interim Management has developed a program – a subset crafted from a leading Masters level University program – which is usually deployed at CEO and Chairman level. Delivered by inspiring tutor, John Webster, this program supports executive interims and clients in achieving the capacity to make change a way of life. It also offers an alternative and human approach to delivering an enduring legacy.

What is interesting is that the process of closing sites and moving facilities can also be a whole lot less stressful and surprisingly rewarding for all concerned.
While the content will challenge your views radically, the program does not have an academic focus. It has been refined for interim managers and learnings are applied throughout.

It does require commitment and an open mind, but the tough, intense, fun 3-day program will give you the ability to apply what you have learnt and leave you itching to start doing so. It also forms a fantastic opportunity to network with other client and interim management delegates.

Program Details

Location: UK or South Africa (approx £1200 extra)

Program Cost £2750 per delegate

Program Content
In our experience, there is a definite set of supporting skills that aid the success of a client engagement by accelerating the delivery of programs and robustness of the engagement legacy.

Fundamentals of Human behaviours and change
– How the Unconscious mind controls our lives and creates automatic behaviours/thinking patterns
– How irrational judgments and beliefs made in childhood can drive adult behaviours.
– How distorted thinking spreads negative beliefs that undermine us
– How to identify and change negative drivers
– Belief Tools and Positive Opposite techniques
– Understanding stress, its origins and signals and how to change
– Background to Visualisation and Positive performance tools.

Interim – Client Rapport.
– Does creation and sustenance play a vital role
– The power of matching body, speech patterns, voice and words
– Personality Assessment Form – key behaviour patterns of those you deal with.
– Personality types: an overview
– Conversation and customer management
– Matching.
– Ask not tell
– Radical listening
– Relationship breakdown between people and within teams
– Technical advice and accelerated technical team leadership and training tools

Change tools improving attitudes, behaviours, performance, relationships etc
– Wheel of Life
– Visualisation
– Relationship assessment and change
– Personal Values and personal/client hot spots
– Confidence building and public speaking toolkit
– Stress change identification and tools
– Beliefs
– Fast phobia cure for stress areas.

The Interim’s secret weapon: Bypassing the conscious mind to deal with the automated unconscious
– The Unconscious mind’s role in automating rapid response to life events
– How the Unconscious can distort evidence to support false beliefs
– Bypassing the conscious mind and tapping directly into the Unconscious mind
– Challenging negative thinking/ behaviour patterns and creating positive mind states
– How to used hypnotic language to improve motivation, self belief and performance