Our Target Investment Opportunities


  • Always business with differentiated products or services that would benefit from “professionalising”.
      • niche businesses with a clear opportunity to create focus; service, good product or technology. Sustainable Technology & or differentiating capability
      • only majority stakes >51%
      • investment £1m-£30m normally with the same value on the balance sheet, £5m-£30m stake is our sweet spot
      • management looking to exit immediately or 6months – 2 years. Or management willing to take a step back –whilst bought into the exit without necessarily being involved day-day. Business owners that are looking for a route to let go of the operational management or for something else to do
      • with mature steady regional or national markets with significant growth and profit potential. (We can find and deliver the unseen opportunity).
        • This growth potential being via growing regional to national,
          • or national to greater depth nationally,
          • or national to international
    • with buy and build potential;
      • support a dedicated team to identify M&A targets, support due diligence and terms
      • create the 100 day operational plan for acquisition with detailed targets for the 1st 100 days
      • integrate businesses
      • develop collaborative x selling opportunities
      • manage the transition and own the communications plan
      • provide executives to scale the team and plug the gaps as required
  • Distressed or profitable businesses
  • Where debt levels are a problem and restructuring is required, buying the debt for businesses that are viable with less debt or good businesses hampered by a CVA

Due Diligence

All potential investments will be subject to due diligence which is chargeable to the business. For us the due diligence fee confirms the business owner is committed  moving forwards congruent with icebreakers commitment from our side too.

Source of funds / partners

icebreaker use their network of Self-Certified Sophisticated Investors and Self-Certified High Net Worth Individuals, as well as certified corporate finance partners (as defined under the FSMA) and Venture Capital to fund acquisitions.