“The human mind does not do well with exponential growth, and it doesn’t do well with death. That’s why most of us are in a desperately feigned indifference. Addicted to our dumb selfies and reality TV and violence and porn and consumerism harder than ever.

We are trying, rather pathetically, to deny what’s right in front of our eyes.

The staggering toll of the catastrophes we face is not set in some distant, remote future. It is beginning to happen right here, right now.

The Age of the Great Dying has begun.”

Tech is a large part of the problem by addicting to pointless activity, defintely NOT THE SOLUTION.

Below, in the comments is a summary of the actions we have found businesses should NOW be taking.

To realign your #strategy and make this happen you’ll have to take a new perspective that requires new skills. We can help your team with that.

Cheers Tom