“We must prepare for the possibility that the Big Data era will be a dystopia for many of many human beings, as we struggle as a species to organize ourselves and find a way to let robots and AI serve the common good, and not simply perpetuate the hierarchies we have created with capitalism, national rivalries and outdated modes of thinking and behaving.

Many books such as Second Machine Age and Rise of the Robots signal, what Silicon Valley types have been preparing for what’s coming, for years. How do you prevent an uprising of the serfs when you recognize the hurt that’s coming their way to the Middle Class, rural America and those not fortunate enough to ride the wave of profit of the rise of robots? Is giving them a Basic Income enough to pacify the untold adaption and misfortune?

Technological unemployment will lead to things a lot worse than the Opioid addiction and technological loneliness will kill. It’s difficult for society to prepare for the side effects of what the profit motive and competition among nations and corporate entities entails. As China’s significance on the world stage rises and as America’s model of society suffers, how will this impact the world and how other countries move forward?”

excerpt from article below