Every year Gallup measures that 85% of your team is disengaged: BUT why does the measurement of this make your team engagement worse? At 85%, disengagement is out of control, so your employee engagement is in crisis? So, just act…? But do what? What is your business like with all your disengaged employees? Firstly, notice how you have normalised your employee engagement crisis. And because you can’t cope with it, it’s probably been usurped by your perfect distraction – your tech focus? A flawed starting point is a measurement such as the HR old hat 180’/360′ type feedback or a variant that might measure various dimensions of your business relationships. Why does measurement such as 180’/360′ make things worse? Don’t measure – become aware, fix the issue at the exec level, create a safe place. Then you can make sense of and process what your peers are telling you. What is a business-like with 85% disengaged employees…? Look around you, you are heroically too busy? low profit? unpredictable results? little notice of unpleasant surprises? The most striking paradox is disengagement shows up with your people being rather quiet? To fix this email: Cheers Tom