The 3 business distractions of 2013


  1. investment in growth and unstable emerging markets is in many instances  a lethal distraction for well rooted businesses
  2. Environmental, Social and Governance & sustainability makes sense but always somehow lacks integrity
  3. Much Motherhood and applie Pie… click here about sucession planning etc, with no depth of understanding of people

The opportunity and gap

Lead people much better to deliver breakthrough returns, underpinning some far better enduring alternatives:

  1. Go After High-Quality Revenue: An focus on growth can take companies in the wrong direction. The key is to find quality, sustainable revenue:

    • It’s predictable: achieving repeat business.
    • It’s profitable: quality revenue tends to be higher-margin.
    • It’s diverse. None of your top five clients should make up more than 15% of revenue.
  2. find nurture and develop passionate people
  3. resource the best opportunities
  4. Europe investment opportunities remain well rooted and still provide very sound exciting investment opportunities
  5. define and relentlessly focus on what is very dificult to replicate as your source of value
  6. creating great businesses is about creating an environment where passionate people excel
  7. which business can compete with a business that never gives up?
  8. the challenge of 2013 maintain productive dialogue with your customers or to the best of your business will go

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