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The 60 Minute Online “MBA”

The 60 minute MBA™ program uses the latest experiential learning techniques to enable leaders to challenge their thinking. This is a very powerful means to open up new options to increase profits and create great businesses to lead and get absolutely the best from employees with ease.

Like a good whisky the content has been distilled three times: 1st: distilling a Msc level program into 2 days. 2nd: the ultimate leadership test: leanings drawn from applying this during 150 cumulative years of turnaround experience. 3rd: finally distilling this into the basics; 36 short 1 minute videos totalling 60 minutes. The content is available on line and aligned to ambitious leaders and businesses looking to seamlessly reach the highest level of performance with the least disruption or loss of earnings: therefore at “best cost”.

The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective.” ~Warren Buffett

We do integrate these modules into businesses using bespoke 1 day events and provide hands on part time executive coaching through the proven Icebreaker Executive Alumni as you require.

An Introduction

"The 60 Minute Full MBA" Modules 1 to 4 from Icebreaker International on Vimeo.

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“The 60 Minute MBA” Executive Syllabus


Introduction from the Chairman: John Webster the Masters Level coach trainer 02:37
Overview of experiential learning 01:03
Preventing the VW or FIFA leadership situation 02:56
Why do organisations get stuck? 03:16
Module 1 part 1 the value in thinking 02:18
Module 1 part 2 strategy and staying on the truth 02:21
Module 1 part 3 self reliance engagement and wheres your heart 01:35
Module 1 part 4 What works when faced with a major challenge 01:54
Module 1 part 5 what type of creatures are we and what do we Love 01:33
Module 1 part 6 The art of change 02:23
Module 1 part 7 the benefits of and promoting thinking 02:12
Module 1 part 8 what can you stop doing to free up your productive time 02:01
Module 1 part 9 what to focus on to transform capability 02:07
Module 1 part 10 how do you see yourself 01:16
Module 1 part 11 how can project management enhance capability building? 02:15
Module 1 part 12 the role of the catalyst to stay honest 02:38
Module 2: The operational basics parts 1 to 6 03:18
Module 2 part 1 recognising different statements and the responses 02:52
Module 2 part 2 people development and creating the right culture 02:10
Module 2 part 3 changing beliefs and building trust 01:56
Module 2 part 4 the trait and flaw of certainty 01:36
Module 2 part 5 using delegation to increase engagement 02:26
Module 2 part 6 achieving simultaneous implementation 03:11
module 2 part 7 the flaw with charisma and leveraging passionate gritty team members 01:58
Module 3: First things First: Financial Analysis – framing the viability and scenario 03:54
Module 3 part 1 strategy and getting to the truth (repeated from mdule 1) 02:21
Module 3 part 2 strategic traps the core business marging and cash 02:18
Module 3 part 3 how to figure out what to delegate to whom 02:15
Module 3 part 4 recognising the scenario and adjusting the approach 02:29
Module 3 part 5 Case Studies recognising and addressing false statements 02:41
Module 3 part 6 the importance of organisation and managing heros 01:58
Module 3 part 7 the benefits and characteristics of experiential learning 02:04
Module 3 part 8 finding the balance between leadership and management 02:19
Module 3 part 9 managing the detail in a way to enhance high performance 02:42


Module 4 part 1 high performance leadership characteristics 02:09
Module 4 part 2 managing imperfection and a growth mentality 01:56
Module 4 part 3 do you recognise you as a leader are flawed too 02:01
Module 4 part 4 recognising an organisation causes underperformance 01:10
Module 4 part 5 what limits an organisations aspirations 01:59
Module 4 part 6 what develops the best leadership characteristics 02:51
Module 4 part 7 when is a culture flawed by the boss? 03:01

The 60 Minute MBA Guide Pricing:

Number of Syllabus items: 41
Total Cost £1001
Membership Price (subject to availability) £620
Duration of On line Sylabus mins 60 minutes

These tools enable leaders to try some proven counterintuitive approaches and experience a different successful outcome. This transforms the way leaders operate and opens up a raft of new options and profit opportunities.

“The 60 Minute MBA”: First things First Getting the Financials Right

“The 60 Minute MBA”: A view from a MBA Graduate, former GSK Executive and Entrepeneur Iain Bubb

“The 60 Minute MBA”: An Executive Coaching Perspective from Master CEO Coach Trainer John Webster

What do our executive delegates say?

Ian Playford Former Director Kingfisher plc Retail Board

What is comparable to take a view of the program value?

Masters Degree Executive Coaching

  • cost £25,000 + 4 weeks academic

A full time MBA:

  • Cost £35,000 + c£100,000 lost earnings

The 60 Minute MBA:

This program combines the best of the Masters degree in executive coaching & MBA, all roadtested during 10 years experience of 15 of the best Turnaround professionals = 150 years.

To maximise value and earnings the content has been condensed into 60 minutes and priced at an introductory level: £600 to make it globally accessible. But mastering the experiential learning will take a lifetime!

“The 60 Minute MBA”: Preventing the VW Audi Type
Leadership Situation

This program uses cutting edge experiential learning techniques. These are critical to transforming organisational ability at all levels. The video explains the experiential learning process.

Limited availability

We issue these programs in batches of 100. All prices are subject to change and include VAT or taxes.

60 minute MBA: is all about results

This program is 100% about sharing 100s of years of consolidated cutting edge experience of company turnaround and achieving results in record times. We are happy to share everything that we have learnt as pioneers and award winning experts in company turnaround to save you having to do the same all over again and use this approach to create agile companies that will survive and endure all that is thrown at them.