The big threat from China is that they see business as attack and dominate. They don’t care about our rules, peoples welfare or in fact even making money.. they are set out to win this battle. They have a central government backed 2025 strategy which will dominate most electronics and auto industries as well as the technologies. They also own the source materials for over 95% of the rare metals that make key electronics components. The Chinese are very organised whilst we are preoccupied and distracted firing people who make stupid jokes about vegans. We are very used to a US dominated and ethically led business environment, that is all set to change. its a little known fact that about 140 years ago China were the only superpower in the world. We must quickly come up with a cunning plan that protects what matters to us and way of life and align our tech sustainable AI strategy before we get completely shafted, its pretty clear that competing with them on their terms is not a survivable strategy hashtagglobalisation