This is a sensible balanced psychological analysis of the fraud underlying Crypto defi etc,

“The source of widespread economic disinformation in the modern era has not originated from some financial “Project MKUltra,” designed by the state to fearmonger the population into a self-fulfilling economic armageddon.

It’s come instead from a new class of economic rebels unofficially known as “crypto grifters”, who’ve not only bypassed society, its rules, and its regulations to construct their very own financial paradigm but used economic disinformation as its fuel.

Using their prey’s desperation, they recruit new “suckers” en masse to keep their scheme operational. Upon inducting a new brother into what has essentially become a religion, crypto grifters don’t provide them with authentic economic history, or even a description of how the modern monetary system works, which is somewhat bizarre for a so-called economic revolutionary movement.
Rather, victims receive a fast-track pass to economic ignorance posing as education, which involves ignoring the existence of every regulation and law, denying the presence of every institution, government official, policymaker, and politician, and reacting with a fingers-in-ears response to basic economics, if not the concepts of “society” and “economy” as a whole. In other words, crypto dogma rewinds any social progress humanity has mothered through democratic trial and error, and lets “nature” take its course.

The grifter class claims this is revolutionary, but in reality, it’s setting us back centuries.”