This is why when chatgpt type tech creates language, YOUR PUPPET MASTER you have no chance of breaking your tech addiction, or taking control OF YOUR OWN ACTIONS, let alone critical thinking.

And why the lies underlying the ideology such as #climateemergency #equitydiversityinclusion drives and holds you trapped in your echo chamber.

#criticalthinking completely goes out of the window take #electriccar #bev #web3 # crypto dialogue has no context or broad view of the implications of their strategy – largely pointless and that’s called #RECKLESS

This tech is actually at the root of gender dysphoria and fueling the underlying lies of #gender etc

We are also losing the ability or capacity to communicate and creating children who cannot cope, with things.

Reading is a good antidote. Else welcome to #Chatgpt #wef type tech hell.

This manipulation will divide and herd us like sheep.

To upskill to protect you from your puppet master read this pragmatic summary, I wrote this for your benefit, and because this psychology is exactly why businesses collapse and I think its important to understand what is driving you and nearly everyone has absolutely no clue.

I do also run exec team programs at Ashridge House and teach this masterclass on MBA programs to MBA alumni DM if interested else good luck!

enjoy Tom

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Implode as a society

Reality blurred kids

Spew venim – cant process

Society gone mad – drag queen, up would be down

Need warriors and adults – speak the truth

Moral and ethical obligation not to give in to pronouns.

Gas lighted – gender

Gender dysphoria – gone up 5000% – contagion on social media,

Trans is cool, theatre – social congaion

Identity switching – playing it out – mimicking

Need to align actions and beliefs

Group identity – group to belong to


No purpose meaning – get lost

Benign neglect

Reading – best predictors of success

Source of knowledge – rooted not hyperbolic world

Screens less likely to like reading