It seems clear that the digital intermediator of the sale will control the supply chain too? It seems obvious that these Chinese businesses will first trash and control society in China? One of the next waves of China’s strategy will be to roll out these business models globally. Acceptable in China but is this acceptable in “The West”? Who says that there won’t be 40-60% less work in 2030, who is planning for that? Most global companies, Siemens etc are joining the digital race to the bottom. Yet when you look at the impact on relationships and declining profit, why is this being done? For example, worklessness trashes people families and society. shines a light on why you have lost control and what you can do to regain control. hashtagchina hashtagleadership hashtagtechnology hashtaginnovation hashtagglobalization hashtagsocialmedia hashtagsocialmedia hashtagthinking hashtagemotionalintelligence