This is the great paradox of the big4 driven hashtagtechstrategies, there appear to be NO hashtagcriticalthinking because when you look at the emerging facts through hashtagcriticalthinking you WOULDN’T follow their tech strategies! Solving complex problems is a populist misnomer too, you find complex problems and conflicts emerge when you apply the WRONG strategies 🙂 Improved leadership sure would help get this right by recognising to breaking their cycle of fear and inevitability! Here is some critical thinking I presented at a recent hashtagAI hashtagrobotics conference successfully breaks these cycles to get these strategies right. Huge negative ROI too.. – reducing profits and revenue, the cost of training the 120m people alone is c$11Tn. = USA GDP, who will pay for that (save the big4! :). Re-skilling is a nonsense because: you wont be able to train fast enough, who wants to do something meaningless & flawed, and ASI will emerge in 2030 too. Collaborating around something so stupid is a paradox too! Would you be willing to address this…? hashtagaccountability hashtagcourage hashtagventurecapital hashtagconfidence hashtagrobotics hashtagleadership hashtagdigitaltransformation hashtagartificialintelligence hashtaginnovation hashtagchina hashtagtech hashtag5g hashtagai hashtagfeardriven hashtagcriticalthinking