“Tsekung asked about government and Confucius replied: ‘People must have sufficient to eat; there must be a sufficient army; and there must be confidence of people in the ruler.’ ‘If you are forced to give up one of these three objectives, what would you go without first,’ asked Tsekung. Confucius said, ‘ I would go without the army first.’ ‘And if you were forced to go without one of the two remaining factors, what would you rather go without,’ asked Tsekung again. ‘I would rather go without sufficient food for the people…. [A] nation cannot exist without confidence in its ruler.'”
— From The Wisdom of #China and #India by Lin Yutang

Leadership matters to purpose.

This is why #NeoMarxists, ‘#postmodernists, and #communists #attackinstitutions and undermine identity, with #identitypolitics because leaves the people nothing to fight for, so perfect scenario for mass manipulation of the population.

Ar you contributing to or attacking your intitutions?

Enjoy Tom