Whilst a few are flawed, most SMEs we work with have all the product and services to become very profitable – yet why do they make so little money?       This opportunity remains 99% untapped.       Why? We’ve found over the last 12 years – most “help” is expensive and ineffective and SME owners see that and even if the support is good: it takes REAL COURAGE to let go & ask for help. So what does this look like? …owners stuck working harder for reducing income, fractious relationships, inability to resolve current issues, revenue grab without considering profit, lack of confidence to put pricing up, business and financial models do not create cash, projects are overspend and delayed, no effective skills development. In our last few engagements we doubled revenue in 2 businesses e.g. £30-60m, route to profit £22k – £350k (much smaller business, the first still does not understand profit!), & got a product to market in 3m after 10 years delay. Whilst knowing what good looks like is key, the root cause of this is the business thinking: .. “this is a complex business”, “when xyz it will be OK”, “cant create a plan”, “business is business” ( owners greed ) Its fab for a team when they see the breakthrough results that follow NEW action 🙂 have a great day, Tom