Following some very interesting private equity opportunities this week, my passion has been awoken to make the time to share some observations and opportunities to enable others be more successful. But as ever the boomerang has come back full circle and – it’s my challenge to change!

To explain its all in “The How”:

“Executing the right strategy does NOT by itself develop capability nor add business value.

HBR research found management elicit different emotions. Such as:

  • Envy – if You have a high degree of competence but lack warmth
  • Admiration – if You have a high level of competence and warmth
  • Contempt – if You lack both competence & warmth
  • Pity – if You have a high level of warmth but lack management ability

In fact only  1 in 2000 were considered a “disliked good leader”. So how much time do we seek out being a liked leader or is it just nature?

A change opportunity provides such a rich learning and motivational opportunity. Yet most can think of many “project managed” changes that “created a recovery time”, and or even therefore destroyed capability!

Capability development is definitely about getting how we engage and relate to one another right. And every day. It is a way of managing, a way of treating people, a way of thinking, a way of being. That said roll on the day when the word coaching disappears altogether. Many coaches lack the business experience to know how switch their management style to mentor and or director. It has been my passion since 2006 to combine and develop these skills together to be whole lot more effective.

Richard Branson has a natural coaching management style and says “Education doesn’t just take place in stuffy classrooms, it can happen everywhere, every day to every person.”

In fact capability development starts with “our beliefs” as managers. These are some of the beliefs I have observed that determine if value is created or destroyed:

  1. Everyone has the ability to be passionate about what they do
  2. Everyone has substantial latent capabilities therefore maybe in the wrong role
  3. One’s own self awareness is central to the effectiveness of our leadership
  4. Empathy is key to holding a team together in challenging times
  5. Aspiration, trust and providing the right opportunities enables others

The tragedy is that a coaches mantra to be able to change beliefs. What is exciting is “The How” resides with us as leaders. For me I have not spent enough time being open enough to show my warmth. What’s your challenge as a leader?

We have the opportunity in this way to help each other become more successful.