This “UK sycophant era” must stop. It is a time to put and ask the tough questions… Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) declared over the weekend that it’s time “to quarantine China from the civilized world.”

It certainty seems clear Chinese DFI and tech / key industry inward investment should be rejected whilst assets are so cheap?

Chinese UK investment in Aerospace, security, telco infrastructure and even British Steel has been prolific during the “UK’s sycophant era” and probably should be challenged / reversed too.

Its time for organizations to wake up to significant strategic threats, get to the facts, avoid the propaganda and address these tough issues.

It requires a special skill set to make sense of sycophantic behaviour and re-frame it into something useful to mitigate the strategic threat it presents to industry and as our well being.

A sycophantic culture creates a toxic environment where tough discussions become impossible so creates “a tyranny of tolerance.” Addressing these blind spots is at the centre of solution to the crisis we now face and must address.

The last outcome we would wish from this crisis is to find ourselves become more digitally reliant and or digitally reliant in any way on China?

A major and silent reset has taken place, that has not even landed. This is an essential time to rethink and take new action.

A major challenge always finds the weakest links. That will NOW need resolving, no “Superbank” exists capable of bailing out the Gov decisions been made.
We are asking the question at 1pm today “is it realistic for business to rely on government bailouts?”, join us at 1pm
Good old China? Anyone noticed they have gone a bit quiet? A safe steer in business is this, if something doesn’t seem right, that is a good prompt to ask questions and a good juncture for some critical thinking?
But.. “China claims that the deadly virus did not escape from its biolab,” said a China specialist with the Population Research Institute, Steven W. Mosher. “Fine. Prove it by releasing the research records of the Wuhan lab”.

Critical thinking keeps us safe, for example, consider this.

If the UK caved into the sycophants and our 4g/5g network was at the behest of Huawei, consider how vulnerable we could become to a rogue state whilst we are all on lock down…

Putting aside the threat of China, consider the cyber risk we have becoming more reliant on tech. Whoever becomes the first to dominate AI and super-fast computing will make protecting against cyber attacks impossible.

Right now current tech can break 128 bit encryption in a few hours and alongside the vast increase in 5g masts required for 5g and speed this vastly increases the risks of someone breaking into the nodes on the network.

On our current trajectory cyberrisks will become unmanageable and China will dominate AI. Who is thinking about this? To protect yourself become aware how these risks get covered up prevents these blind spots and reopens the debate, re-establishes the strength of relationships to address these tough issues and thereby create enduring businesses.

Cheers Melanie