Our engagements in engineering, retail, financial services and construction over the last few months suggest there are some colourful challenges to be met:


  • “declining margins and conversion”
  • “global and team diversity issues”
  • “a business purposelessness”
  • “pockets of excessive stress”
  • “short term-ism & greed”
  • “gaps in trust”

This 3.5m video outlines a single counter-intuitive leadership characteristic: that when applied alongside incremental management and functional horsepower; has consistently realised double digit margin improvement; to meet the above challenges.

This characteristic has stood the test of 25 of the most demanding assignments icebreaker have led regardless: of the scenario; growth; profitability; or level of distress of a business.

If this resonates with you: I would be delighted to discuss your situation.

Warm regards


Tom Pickering ( FIET )
& CEO Icebreaker Executive