This woke #gender -driven silence is corrupting professionals and prevents reaching the truth see 25.30: These lies play to the weaknesses of young girls, these lies are causing a psychological contagion and infinite variants confusion, suicide, and mental health crisis in girls.

This leaves the only person who can diagnose gender is the patient themselves no professional oversight or input from loved ones or anyone else! An ideology based on a plethora of deviations creating a plethora of genders which tragically confuses young with these lies (or statements without basis), trumping professionalism, madness gender identities myriad of genders tragically creating the perfect woke victim status that is attractive means to create empathy for girls?

So the flawed solutions create a false and very damaging asymptote – so the outcome will never be realized exasperating mental health and a nightmare medical outcome post-surgery.

It’s important to understand the mantras that create and fuel these corruptions and tyrannical outcomes.

You need new skills to get to grips with this corruption and break these tragic catch22 outcomes.

It’s important to subject ideas that are wrong, to open scrutiny and free discussion without fear?