An established proven business model – icebreaker think like business owners.Icebreaker treat your money like our money. The icebreaker model enables customers to scale without fixed overhead and free investors time to focus on their core capabilities – oversight, deals and financing, and executives time on running the business.

“Overheads were reduced by 20% through the termination of the (highly remunerated) CFO and Marketing Director and further headcount reductions across the board (annual savings $1m) coupled with sale of a Swiss subsidiary and 50% of the non-core European fibre optic network to a Singapore.” Viatel which sold its Swiss subsidiary to Swisscom.

Seamless collaboration

Icebreaker’s leading edge experience and people development capability enables seamless engagement; we wear the company fleece and rewards aligned to the stakeholders reward model. We provide the opportunity to free up the customer from having to get involved in recruiting and resolving difficult management issues.

Accountability for the SOLUTION

At all times there is full accountability with a single icebreaker nominated contact allocated for the customer. 2nd level QA is managed by icebreaker executive to adjust resourcing as required, oversee customer review and progress sign off every 2 weeks. The core team and icebreaker executive runs parallel advice from our trusted experts to keep us up to date with and ensure we are following the latest legal guidelines.

Icebreaker uniqueness –

Icebreaker leave a enduring self sustaining legacy with a cash focus cash at Bank improvement during an assignment

“You’ve certainly brought a new dynamic to the management team here and put in place some robust and sustainable practices; our big job now is to keep it going and move ourselves even further forwards. “We have some good people now and I’m confident that we can do it.” Executive Safran Aerospace