This is how YOU waste 70% of your time in YOUR business… Classic distortion and deletion: where was the distortion “leave with a deal” on the Brexit ballot slip? Leavers voted to LEAVE the European Union. That is 100% clear on the ballot slip, could not have been clearer? Using the approach we enable executives to identify and measure this. The “ah but..” costs businesses 70% of their time distorting agreed strategy in exactly the same way… “ah but” look at the ballot paper and stick to the strategic choice, or you’ve distorted actions from the strategy? Until you get familiar with what drives you good and bad, its a funny one because its in peoples blindspot, but its a useful skill! You can see how this distortion obfuscates the plan and robustness of the supporting solution too, aka squandering profit in a business context Politicians cant handle the accountability because politics thrives without accountability, so prefer to obfuscate the facts and strategy… Accountability is a very effective way to stop politics and such wasted activity at all levels in a business.. enjoy T