This is what a fear (irrationally) motivated solution looks like. Have you noticed how hard it is to speak up against hashtagartificialintelligence,¬†despite the facts: 90% of ¬†implementations have failed, and the macro level trends show an existential threat. Yet we carry on… Fear is why AI carries on regardless, its a flawed solution and its in our blind spots – scary stuff. Having studied the psychology of 200 company failures – AI is the perfect tool to overcome rational decision making, and unless this is recognised will certainly cause the failure of the human race. Symptoms are a failure to be objective about this, polarisation and proliferation of the ‘isms etc, all show that humans cant cope. with increasing uncertainty, exponential speed, and marginalisation from decisions we wont understand AI will accelerate our decline and ability to cope. Yet what do we do – nothing – amazing eh! the process highlights this blindspot, so that at least we can get our rational decision making back on track.