What are the leadership skills to recognise a turnaround? The Thomas Cook business model was bust last time i looked at it, at least 7 years ago. It is tragic how “leaders” remain in the post when they are unable to recognise the sign of a turnaround and are or unable to change their action. www.winningthinking.uk is a well-proven tool to prevent such eventualities and check a leaders capability to change their actions. The warning signs are often very bland, “we are have done what we can”, “we’ve got it covered”, “it’s the market”, “when ” ” happens well be OK..”. “Or because i know how i work i always feel very confident” 🙂 There was no point in putting in further cash in this business because it did NOT have a viable future, nor would it be the right place to re-start. It is a critical time to develop the leadership skills to see this and act in order to protect a business and the future source of the executives and their employee’s income? I can think of at least 10 far larger UK organisations in exactly the same situation… Act?