Delivering Results – Transferring Skills and Leaving Legacies

Too busy to think? as most of our actions are unconscious, maybe its a good time to do some housekeeping?…

Emerging economies eh? The real shift is in fact: The so called “emerging economies” have become the leading growing economies, more

Banks need to get out abit more? “There is a lag in the financial community to get to grips; Banks are steering away from businesses that have been significantly restructured” more

Can you cope? Certainty in an uncertain world is an imperative for human decision making, without it we cannot process what we are told; more

Is private equity stalling? Historically private equity firms have avoided flotation’s, preferring the control, certainty and buzz of selling to trade buyers or buy out firms; more

Prepare for lower profits? There may be a new age of companies making less money, banks with less to lend making each pound work harder; shares could start to trade on lower multiples of their profits”; more

Market data and recovery? What has been typical in the past, profits, valuation, revenue and sources of revenue are no longer indicators of the present or future; more
Do you collaborate with experts?
This emerging model undermines the traditional source of value, it is more the way organisations interact that will keep them ahead; more
5 year planning horizons? A common Far Eastern strategic model is to evolve the business model, over a short 3-6m time frame; more.
Is our recession related to Globalisation?
For hundreds of years up to the 1820s China controlled 30% of global GDP, “From 1949-1976, China lost a generation of entrepreneurs. more

Change management or revolution? Mavericks fire the imagination but tend not to be good at fitting in to typical hierarchies – often seen as threats to the established masters of politics. So how do you see them? more

How do you deliver change; interim manager, consultant or your own staff? “Are your management team willing to admit there are issues they can’t fix? more

“The present practice of Interim Management belongs to the last century”… We are boldly presenting   Icebreaker has the solution for the 21st century.” 4.30pm next Wednesday in London to a full house of entrepreneurs and executive change managers. If you are interested to attend, let us know, we would be delighted to send you the details and we will see if I can get some more tickets.

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Tom Pickering’

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