Sales & Marketing development Trend Controls (Technology – Building and construction sector)

A UK Hi-Tech subsidiary with £38m+ sales turnover required commercial stabilisation and a focus on developing sales margin and
improved channel management. The company had been growing successfully for a number of years and unexpectedly sales dropped. The organisation was unable to respond to the changing market and competition, and the objective was to reinvigorate the commercial organisation and proposition across all aspects of portfolio (electronics, software and ancillaries)

Ability to Integrate into Client Company
The initial investigation required numerous internal meetings, a sales workshop and numerous sales call accompaniment. Presentation to the Board for a commercial restructure and revised sales order process and NPD pipelines was presented. Recommendations to the main Board giving detailed costs, time scale and implications on cost and margin targets; KPI’s and actions were accepted and given full approval to proceed. Allocated project team consisting of HR and Finance Managers were assigned to support UK organisation.

Impact on Business
Revised structure in UK implemented with improved sales & order process. Focus on target customers and projects, and improved
channel management. Sales grew by 20% in first year. Improved margin by 3ppt over 6 months. Improved cash position by £2.6m. NPD pipeline was fully revised and improved throughput by 125% in first year. New Product revenue equalled £2.5m in first year.

Achievement of Objectives
Initial assessment and report completed on schedule within 6 weeks. Implementation of plan completed on schedule of 6 months and within budget.
Working Style
Engaged all employees in difficult circumstances and was able to motivate all to ensure move was completed without major disruption to business, utilising the skill set afforded by the project team. Introduced new team members with more appropriate commercial experience. Facilitated training and support for sales team to cement transition.

Leadership/Management Skills
Focused on achieving monetary and time scale budgets through pragmatic and collaborative management style, supported by tenacious focus on deliverables where necessary.