Let’s wake up to the new-now: by making UK MANUFACTURING GREAT AGAIN bring it back and keep it in the UK! Having led many award-winning manufacturing high tech businesses I have pushed back on attempts to move them to China for at least 30 years. Why in the UK…

> to achieve a better supply chain,
> lower working capital,
> and better cost performance
> co-located design

all benefits of making here in the UK, even when making “low value-added” products! UK teamwork is the key. It’s great to see the resurgence of manufacturing. I have just started a manufacturer too.

UK manufacturing increases profit and #relationships

Marginalising people through tech to reduce work, is very bad news. Manufacturing done right creates jobs at all levels. A very important part of doing the RIGHT thing.. Automation is often far more costly and inflexible too. There is a business case to employ people.

Offshoring is part of the old past.



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