Icebreaker; Our Core Values

We have the highest integrity – we are open, honest, transparent and straightforward in all of our dealings as well as:

Icebreaker; Our Reason For Existence

Our vision is linked to the success of our interim partners and our clients. We are fully committed to providing:

Our Mission a complete commitment to value

We are a leading team of experienced executives that work together to deliver a lasting legacy by;

  • identifying innovative pragmatic enduring solutions to grow / secure revenue and reduce cost
  • rooting programs in hard to get market data, to get certainty
  • leading the development of professional change management & leadership skills
  • respectfully and constructively lead and supporting client management and teams through change
  • rapidly addressing the tough issues, transforming team capability with a revitalised, leaner business offering and enduring legacy
  • evaluating programs vs. our target; yr 1 returns of 10-20+ x ROI, immediate cash neutrality, long term cash improvement

Icebreaker uniqueness

This comes through our proven delivery model (for 7 years) and our ability to do exactly what is right for the business without conflict or proprietary interest