The shifts taking place in 2019 and what to expect in the 2020-30s

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Some Simple Strategies to implement for immediate results

2019 The impact of Technology Public and Private Sector Conference

Technology, what’s good, what’s bad and what in fact turns around business performance?
Turnaround CEO. Portfolio Chair & CEO at Winning Thinking
The Leadership skills to thrive and survive in the 2020s Tom Pickering, Turnaround CEO. Portfolio Chair & CEO, Tom will sharing the learning drawn from his award winning team’s 200 turn-around case studies: a) the global threats, opportunities, pitfalls, mistakes, profit & people challenges of AI.b) how to adopt AI in a way that will enable you and your team to build business: profit; value; compete, thrive & stay on track. c) why and how your business will FAIL right now and how to mitigate this. Tom is a member of the House of Lords All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial intelligence, internationally renowned turnaround CEO, former Silicon Valley Exec, CEO and Game Changer of the Year, VC operating partner, MBA masterclass leader and Fellow & Fellow Assessor Institute of Engineering and Technology