As Jordan Peterson says if people can do their thing and be left alone that’s always their preference. But… The difficulty is that the challenge changes and actions don’t realign. Profits fall, threats increase, people get very busy, and steadily reach a state of (very unresponsive) high alert. This is prevalent CEO down, doing their own thing, even if more of the same is disastrous, this starts and is encouraged top down. I do believe we are re-approaching another era of the DC type maverick who have always led org change. The good news is that we can all be far better versions of ourselves in the context of our peers. This puts us in a far better place to see, face and address our business challenges. The challenge is doing this in a way that does not increase our increasingly “tech fuelled state of alert”. This is why wins realises the latent diversity from ordinary people to achieve an extraordinary outcome, and realise what a far better version of ourselves feels like, Weirdos are welcome but not required. Cheers Tom leadership#dominiccummings government ceo vc investment roi