What does your behaviour cost your business?

In the context of increasing your gross margins and increasing your available time – consider these extraordinary stats:

Source Stevenson/Farmer Government-commissioned review Oct 2017.

The subsequent Mindful Business Charter (Oct 2018) recommends creating a preventative plan: without any suggestions to back up how to create one.

In addition, we have measured that 70% of even a good leader’s communication is diversionary. This will disorientate employees and creates stress.

So how does this form the basis of a winning workplace, and how can employers execute their duty of care to mitigate these risks?

Yesterday one of our recruitment related posts achieved over 500,000 views! The contributions showed that recruitment, the seedbed of business is becoming increasingly out of touch and unpopular. So www.winningthinking.uk starts with how to leverage your existing team and their diversity. The process shows how to evaluate and develop your team members in the context of their peer’s and their business objectives.

Maybe honouring and appreciating your people enables you to achieve your objectives better and faster? For example, Doug Conant personally acknowledged in writing via FedEx 30,000 notes of thanks during his 7 years tenure at Campbell Soup Company. This created a hugely focused, committed team.

…Although organisations must now evolve much faster?

So how will you execute your technology strategies whilst preserving the humanity and diversity of your people?

Sadly, today’s increasingly fast and uncertain tech environment is creating blindsided leaders, causing the wrong types to thrive!

Last week we restarted a successful business that failed. It failed due to a difficult series of events and a blindsided board. This led a catastrophic board fallout.

This could have been proactively prevented if the board had the skills to recognise, reset and maintain great relationships.

Over the next few weeks, we are running 2-hour preventative action orientated stress prevention / mental health improvement seminars.

Here you can experience how to proactively improve your team’s mental resilience, free up time, align them, reduce stress and reset relationships.

Here is a comment from an exec team member. Prior to their 1-day www.winningthinking.uk session, their team were at a breaking point…

“A brilliant 1-day colloquium facilitated by you, and as a result, we were able to crack through the actions which will help us to drive immediate change. Thank you so much for driving this turning point..”

If you would like to take impactful preventative actions that will achieve immediate results, drop me a note with your top 3 objectives and a convenient time.

Let’s get this sorted…?

Have a great week…!

My very best wishes

Founder and CEO

PS. To organise or discuss a 1-day Future Team Thinking Program to resolve these challenges feel free to drop me an email or book a 15-minute appointment with me. We will always get back to you super quick to confirm.