What is the difference between fear and excitement?  Do you think you are rational? It is crazy that humans think they are smart enough to control hashtagartificialintelligence, when we as humans are so blatantly flawed…. it will accelerate and exasperate our flaws, just in a way that we wont understand be able to keep up with and therefore not control. In the meantime we are sitting around like lemons letting it happen… beautifully flawed response. its vital we develop our thinking because with the increasing speed and uncertainty this will exasperate our flaws and further weaken our decision making. perfect storm? winningthinking.uk develops our thinking to give you the best chance of identifying our flaws, tools to cope and stay ahead and thereafter identify and rationalise these flaws to stay healthy. I am delighted that we have plans underway to distribute the winningthinking.uk tools to 43 countries whilst racking up some great testimonials in the meantime. exciting times only if you are prepared? cheers Tom