Barclays what is the typical ROI on the IOT / AI type technology probably 30%? Icebreakerexecutive have turned around many manufacturers we achieve an average 45x cash return on the work we do. This is largely achieved investing in a specific approach to developing people and getting the commercial model right, the NPI, organisation and businesses working right. The trend in those that have adopted the AI / IOT type technology you suggest contrary to what you share is diminishing gross margins. Why are Barclays taking a position on these flawed tech mantra? Its great to see though a focus on supporting manufacturers but experience at the coal face suggests Barclays advice on tech in my capacity as a fellow of the IET and business leader is flawed. That is not to say focused investment in tech is part of a solution – buts its far from a panacea, and most SMEs should spend their money far more wisely?


Best Tom