A stable platform is what is most needed for example:
1. political, In these times of uncertainty Nigel Farage / Alex Hammond charismatic types come to the fore as per post WW1
2. fiscal (BOE confirm interest rates strategy to support investment),
3. red tape,
4. EIS investment is an excellent government initiative,
5. regulation of funding (new types of ABL funders coming onto the market are bearpits, not solutions,
6. Sensible bank behavior would be an advantage
7. the level of government borrowing is a real issue, and root cause of near JLR strike on pensions etc
8. pensions centralization back into government, they have abdicated responsibility on business, and its a millstone that will eventually sink UK businesses
9. The level of UK debt does suggest that the economy will collapse at some time and getting £100bn worse each year and we are far from out of recession
10. the good news is that even in a complete economic collapse manufacturers survive as an economic collapse is a time for back to basics

With some certainty on the above owners can plan without that they naturally take a very short term perspective and make as much money as fast as possible and sell out when the going is good