What would it be like to “Just Be You” at work?

Conversely is your team too frightened to challenge ‘accepted thinking’?

Have you noticed fear is fuelling Polarized Thinking: Think Trump. Think Brexit? Put it another way there are only two opinions – for or against?  Fear is a problem because it creeps up on us yet overwhelms rational our thinking. Can you see how fear and polarised thinking could block debate and taking action.

Consider Trump and Brexit: there’s almost no middle ground?  And that’s not healthy, because hidden between the two extremes there is a valid debate and contributions that deserve to be heard?

Polarized thinking is not Winning Thinking.  True Winning Thinking only takes place when these flawed norms are identified by the team for what they are and even encouraged – to be challenged! In this way alternatives are explored, your team integrity can be restored and they can become human again?

This chasm between polarized thinking and being you is your team’s source of innovative thinking, leveraging diversity and creating high performing high energy businesses. Why high energy: because our actions are aligned with our beliefs and we can maintain our integrity and “Just Be You”.

But today this is happening less and less and people are becoming more fearful of taking action for fear of being marginalised or fired.  Can we blame this on our being too busy, (which is unsurprising because polarized thinking diverts actions from the real challenges!), or is it simply down to a lack of our courage or our laziness?

The 35 minutes of Winning Thinking content identify the specific NEW options that open in the team sessions. These follow the viewing of each module in the context of your business scenario.

Do you recognise the fact that this whole subject sits in our blind spot, so simply being told about our programs is not enough – you have to experience them?

That’s why we’re launching these “POWERFUL” new ‘taster’ initiatives.

Winningthinking.uk Business Breakfast For Industry Leaders

We are running breakfast events around the country with Prominent Speakers and Industry Leading participants. Following the speaker, the event will involve the industry leaders forming facilitated break-out groups that are tasked with using the winningthinking.uk approach to consider different actions to open up these exciting new options.

During the session, a spokesman for each group will report back on their breakthroughs and the impact and experience of the Winning Thinking approach.

We anticipate that the cost will be £100 per delegate, 100% of which will be rebatedif the delegate’s business decides to engage the Winning Thinking Team to deliver programs within their organisation.

Facilitated half day taster sessions for Your Team

These one day events will tackle the specific challenges and opportunities that your business is facing.

Your Winning Thinking session would be facilitated by one of the icebreaker alumni and can involve up to 10 members of your team.  The advantage is that the issues being discussed are specific and can be immediately implemented by your team. The discussion will be totally different. This will transform their interaction and relationships.

Whilst billed as an introductory Taster Session, our experience has already shown that you will derive real, specific and tangible benefits by experiencing the power of the winningthinking.uk approach.

The cost of these sessions is £1,500, up to 50% of which will be rebated if future business with the Winning Thinking team results.

Still not convinced… Watch OUT we are all becoming expert at ignoring the signs?

My personal view is this. There is a silent & for many hidden crisis submerging us and our flawed human traits. This is caused by our human inability to cope will increase with the exponential rate of change, increasing uncertainty, and reduction in meaningful person – person interaction. These factors create fear and fear overwhelms our rational decision making.

In addition.. China have not yet started to launch their home grown products and services globally – this will uproot many established Western businesses.
In addition.. Research shows The likely impact of AI / technology will be a c40% reduction in jobs in mature economies over the next 10 years. Interesting challenges that are our choice to ignore?

Because the 35 minute process works and I genuinely would like you encourage you to experience winningthinking.uk. I think this will give you the best chance of protecting you and your business and face and address the challenges ahead and stay ahead.



because our customer experience has show that the 35 minutes of content is the simplest and most effective way to achieve the levels of ENGAGEMENT, TRUST, MOTIVATION and AGILITY that every good Manager knows are needed for real, sustainable success.

John Webster our chairman taught me about the power of experiential learning – that’s what changes behaviours!  There is no better plan than Winning Thinking, so click on one of the  options above right away!

You can also be a ‘carrier’ of this BENEVOLENT VIRUS – simply recommend it to a friend by forwarding this email to them!  In return, both you and your friend will automatically be entitled to a 50% Icebreaker Contribution to the cost of your first Winning Thinking Program (excluding Taster Sessions) whenever you decide to get infected!

Happy to help hands on.

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