Whats your plan to stay on top of hashtagartificialintelligence? I think these are the macro challenges we face to stay in control : 1. can the rate of human capability development keep up with (exponential) the rate of AI capability development? 2. do the micro level changes mitigate the macro level societal impact? 3. The fear based decision loop “its inevitable, get left behind” 4. is there any precedent for this? 5. do we realise how we are being digitally manipulated? 6. are we smart enough to manage this? Whilst we are phase 1 cyborgs via our smartphones to IOT, the only viable suggestion to stay in control is to have a micro chip installed to yet our brains still wont be fast enough? The society changes underway are right here: job losses en mass, decrease in human well being, suicide, loneliness and what is our response: nimby political correctness. This PC is flawed and diversionary because it fulfils our need to create certainty – we will make bad decisions for the sake of certainty – the “Nick Leeson” effect. ‘Is Artificial Intelligence far more damaging than heroin? Good news www.winningthinking.uk is the perfect ante-dote to mitigate our flaws and improve our decision making. have a great weekend. Tom