Who is really thinking ahead or planning? Take EVs… “When talking about saving the planet by replacing internal combustion vehicles with EV’s, we first need to comprehend the scale of this initiative.

Talking strictly about vehicles, we need to face a simple fact, there are an estimated 1 billion cars on the road each year, and this number is increasing.

Considering that the vast majority of these vehicles are still using internal combustion engines, we realize that replacing all fuel-powered cars with electrics requires a lot of effort. The most-produced car in the world is the now modern Toyota Corolla, with roughly 43 million of them built over the course of 55 years, a period of time we do not have in order to stop global warming.

Unless we take action to prevent the sale of used petrol-powered cars to the developing world, our best efforts of replacing traditional transport with the green alternative will soon prove to be in vain. Otherwise, individuals will be tempted to sell their old cars to foreign buyers, as governmental programs may struggle to make a more profitable offer.

While in Europe, the Union is continuously funding such projects for its poorer member states, this is still relatively unique to the central continent. As the developed world will replace their current vehicles with electric alternatives, the developing economies in Asia and Africa are expected to proceed towards the opposite direction.

However, comfort does not come cheap, and the majority of the world cannot afford to buy a brand new car without some special government-funded programs. Not only are such governmental initiatives still rare, but even so, most people would be required to sell their current vehicle to fund the purchase of a new one. Question is, what are we going to do with all of the used petrol-powered cars?

Even so, car companies still needed time to design, develop and market their upcoming electric models, similarly to how the legal infrastructure for the benefits of driving an EV required extended debate. We’re not claiming EV’s are bad, we’re just saying they are too late.”

Who is thinking ahead?

enjoy Tom