In the case of the VW emissions scandal, Virgin Galactic explosion and Boeing 747 MAX issues – employees will have definitely known about the underlying issues? But it is “jobsworth” for employees to raise them? As an aerospace exec leading a aero design team, a few years ago I raised similar major risks in an aerospace environment which were dismissed by an aggressive HRD who said “put up or shut up”. WOW that’s from HR! Its vital employees feel able to raise risks.

Its very difficult to raise quality issues in these tight contractual situations but cultures above all else must allow free communication which requires a suitable executive response rather than a commercial fudge?

The underlying issue is executive approach-ability. addresses the underlying issue of approach-ability to keep organisations healthy.

We are running a session with a post acquisition with construction team who even 12 months post acquisition are uncovering contractual no-one likes surprises,

Particularly if they are raised at the time they can be resolved immediately and never cause a risk of any kind.