From the last 30 pubs it’s very clear that a very small minority of people that can and have the courage to re-invent great businesses. Its not about following a script, will not be led by the masses, the masses are stuck in limbo.

This minority will be the employees that you have silenced, they do have the grit, skills and courage.

It is starting 1 by 1.

Who are these people? Some people call the newly silenced, mavericks, and often toxic. No one is toxic, oddly it’s only the label “toxic” is toxic, the person is fine.

The neo-liberal leadership leadership squashes the brave because action is imperfect and opens these people to exponetial risk now. People talk about agile but in this social media, neo-liberalisation re-defintion of truths, self righteous and its far easier to follow the status quo?

The re-defintion of truth creates anger – undermined these peoples integrity too, so these people are likely to be silent as well as angry but raring to go.

all they need is the opportunity.

I have been thinking about this, its not me that turns

Martin Christopher describes depression as “the curse of the strong.” “Neo” means subjective – not objective so labels are impossible to refute.

So “progressive” emerging leadership needs challenging!

Oddly enough its pretty easy to fix.

These silent people will relentlessly search out the truth so are the right people to steer your ship.

So executives like us don’t make things happen we just need to hand the silent the keys, the jazz band to steer the ship…

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