Why are you too busy? & why is it becoming increasingly prevalent?

Christina Hoff Sommers, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, points out the gender pay gap is a MYTH and yes as you might have noticed – shes a woman!

As a board member people often tell me that there is no amount of time that would enable them to complete their tasks – why is that? It is a negative generalisation which are always false.

These types of statements are becoming more prevalent because even though they are false they create certainty in uncertain times. Its the same pattern that caused Nick Leeson to cause the collapse of Bearings Bank

But because these mantras are false they are a waste of time its creates the perfect human hamster wheel.

Because people can’t process uncertainty these false generalisations create a very comfortable place to be. So people create these mantras and almost make a living out of these myths?

That is not to say there are not SPECIFIC examples that need addressing.

This is addressed as one of the powerful chapters of the www.winningthinking.uk approach. Be there or be square 🙂

best Tom