Whilst it may sound obvious – We are clear, the surprisingly typical interim management brief – “that somehow by doing the same things you some how will get different results” is fundamentally flawed. Further more the “CV tick box” recruitment methods to find the “right” candidate are also and can often make a bad scenario worse.

A legacy of micromanagement, often exasperated through commonly inexperienced prescriptive management methods deployed by young consultants, is an ideal basis to create the seed bed and the root cause of a legacy of consistent failure, and broken contractual relationships. The good news is that this scenario often gives rise to the need and start to an interim assignment in the first place.

Icebreaker Executive as as a team have the skills, that given the space, quickly turnaround a legacy of failure. We are of the view that it is the underlying capability of our interim management team alongside their breadth of experience that enables us to add the most value.

For example it can be possible in a typical recruitment process all the “sector and function boxes are ticked”, yet does the candidate understand the difference between managing a turnaround, start up or realignment – and or identify the cultural issues appropriate management approaches to improve performance with these scenarios?

Alongside bringing best practice from the most challenging private sector environments to say the public sector is also far more likely to deliver best practice rather than the other way around.

These are the characteristics along with personal attributes that we rigorously test and base our team elite interim management team selection on.